Headlight on the Danish countryside

At last we have found this cottage somewhere on the Danish countryside. Just in due time before sunset, which was magnificent when we later viewed it. The cottage has just everything. A double bed, a table for two and a well equipped kitchen with more pans than we have imagined. And a swat to remind us of how down deep in the countryside we are.

 Very well equipped indeed.

 The cottage has just everything.

 Even a headlight.

  Which is tremendously crucial as soon as we have viewed this magnificent sunset and the orange sun was eaten up by the mighty sea not too far away and we were so excited and had to pee.

  Then was the headlight tremendously crucial. Otherwise we had probably fallen into an icy trench and never found the outhouse, that was at that time non smelling.

  Really a tremendously well equipped cottage.

  Yet I wonder how come that two well educated middle aged people with job and hobbies all of a sudden have sold nearly everything they owned, not least a townhouse with a nice bathroom on each of the two floors, and find themselves on a poorly illuminated outhouse in the middle of a Danish nowhere.

  But I have to admit that the swat was very effective, and not just as a countryside reminder.

Possible External Influence: Kind landlady.

SHE: Indeed. Kindly enough she allowed us to use her own bathroom in her unlocked house nearby our cottage “at any time”. Is it sure that she or her husband can hear the difference between a tenant and a thief in the middle of the night? Or are they going to pull the trigger?

Puff! Splash!

I: This is Denmark, dear. Not USA. People trust each other around here. Maybe this is why Danish people are among the luckiest on earth according to polls. Weapon is probably not what makes people feel safe nor happy. Trust is a better gun.  

My first day

This is the place where I share my last day with you. “Last” as my ambition is living each day as it was my last.

My last wish is a long journey. This is the story of my recent day on that journey. Every day may be my last one.

Before reading any further a major warning, from a friend to a friend. Reading this blog may cause irritation. Not only because of the topic. My non native English with its countless faults might be a constant reminder of how annoying imperfect human nature is.

Growing irritation may be swept away with a sense of humor. But I am not in a position of promising you a good laugh. 

I am not in a position of promising anything. 

I am in a position of sharing with you some pieces of my life.

Besides, life is nothing to be laughing at.

But it helps.

Yet I would like to promise you honesty. Which is not so little nowadays. Honesty means striving after the truth, nothing but the truth and no “alternative truth”.

Nothing but my truth.