We have been purified.

House, furnitures, books, most of our clothes. Sold. Given away. No more. No more things for which we pay with our limited time on earth and our health.

More time for life.


Walks and hiking are our passion. More time for life is more time outdoors. Outdoors is time for better health, conversations, communication and relations.

More outdoor life is a better life.

This outdoor life is no main stream. We 50+ are supposed to work. But we don’t care. We do our thing. And write our story for you. Sharing my last day with you. “Last” as my ambition is living each day as it was my last.

Before reading any further a major warning, from a friend to a friend. Reading my lines may cause irritation. Not only because of the topics. My non native English with its countless failures might be a constant reminder of how annoying imperfect human nature is.

And yet life has to go on and be lived.

Live your life!