What a life!

We landed on a holiday resort with a seven kilometers long beach with soft white sand.

We landed on a perverted mass touristic machine that swallows milliones tourists every year. It is far away from being a peak season. Yet I stumble over nearly naked sunbathing and more or less brilliantly sunburned foreigners as soon as I leave the hotel entrance towards the beach.

Those people who smell suntan lotion are everywhere and I can’t get rid of them no matter how far I go on that wonderful beach. One kilometer, five kilometers. They are there. Lying, sitting, playing football, playing beach volleyball, eating ice cream, drinking beer, coffee, whatever.

They are everywhere and you can hear them even if you close your eyes.

I have closed my eyes for three weeks and still hear them. Even from my secluded balcony on the fourth floor.

Still I love Alcudia beach.

And when I open my eyes again after three weeks there are no more sunbeds, watersports nore glass boat excursions from every pier. No unmercy heat or noises.

No more foreigners.

It’s just we, we few that are here to stay for the long and mild Spanish winter.

We easy going creatures use to acknowledge one another with a little smile while wandering around on the beach.

When the tourist season is dead and the last tourist bus left towards the airport begins a new life.

Everyday life.

What a life!

* * *

She: Here it is high time to tell the readers about the discount the hotel offered you for two articles on their home page.

I: But I hardly mentioned the hotel.

She: I know, this was a very sophisticated marketing.

I: Honey, it’s very cute of you, but don’t make me more intelligent than I am.

She: You have to tell your readers the whole truth, “honey”. Tell them this was no luxury hotel.

I: It was not a luxury hotel. As a matter of fact a rather simple three star hotel.

She: Cleaning only once a week, no sharp knives and no bath tube. Tell them!

I: And no chocolate on the pillow.


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