We fly away

we vanished away in our gray car. Long away from L.

 We travel. Each day is unique.

 One day we hike on a mountain with generous forest and lawns and stay on a little guest house with an elderly caring host couple whom you fall in love with on first sight because they care so genuine and because you know that they are a ceasing generation soon to be replaced by an highly effective hotel with digital check in and out and bonus points for loyal customers.

  Another day we are visiting a little town with a charming old town that surprises with a delicious as well as affordable take away chinese wook. The room is called eco as it is of environment friendly material and runs by solar energy. The bathroom is one of the largest and most well equipped we have ever seen and light flows in from two directions.

  Every day is unique. 

  We travel to a new spot every day.

  After a week we are fed up with the whole thing.

  Sometimes it takes such a long time to plan our day and to execute our plan that we almost experience a nervous breakdown when it is evening and we don’t have the slightest idea where we are going to spend the next night.

  After two weeks we are sick and tired of the whole thing. Our wet dream is to spend one week at the same place.

  We are in the car. It is foggy outside. I have no idea where we are. It is foggy everywhere we look and we don’t know where we are going. We don’t have a room nor loving host waiting on us. Our last host nocks on the car window and wonders what is wrong.


 We fly away. We are engulfed by the fog, still with no plan. Just drive ahead on small roads wondering if we sometime will arrive to our destiny.

  Yet there is a place where we can stay a whole week without ruining our economy this late season. There is one studio left, 100 meter from seaside and with a balcony.

  We head to Kühlungsborn dreaming of sea view and are totally lucky when we arrive late afternoon.

  We are totally lucky even though the linens are subject to extra charge and even though the only view from the balcony is over waste dumps.

  We may stay here for a whole week.

  During this week we don’t approach the car even for a single time. Not even when we need to fill up our new home with groceries.

  Yet we spend lots of time outdoors. Feel the chilly soft sand under our feet, mile after mile of endless beach, surrounded by gulls and walkers and sunbathers, with or without clothes.

  There are piers so full of sun and benches with smiling happy people that you wonder why you keep going and watching.

  Yet we keep going, some time barefooted.

  And some time we take pictures and send digitally to L along with caring words that makes her respond and call us and tell us how much our visit meant to her and how much she would like to meet again.


  We don’t know what we promise, yet we promise.

  Sure, we would love to see you again.

  Yet after a week in this tourist resort we get in the car and turn back to our home country and keep sending sweet messages to L.


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