Tiny little things are life

Sometimes can tiny little things have a significant impact on major decisions in life. Change the course of life.

Tiny little things like a bedroom with carpets full of smoke. A bedroom where you keep hearing loud voices from caravans with foreign workers until you eventually fall to sleep much too late.

In the morning you wonder if you ever slept that night or just been hunted by endless nightmares.

One night like that can make you sick and tired.

One night like that may kill your enthusiasm to discover your new free outdoor life.

Yet not that night. We are still much too envy to be discouraged.

After a nice breakfast with the lovely landlady we drive away.

We have a mission.

We keep our promise.


The promise was pronounced three months ago.

The decision to start our new outdoor life was already taken and we were operative. Sorting things, what to keep, what to sell, what to donate to Red Cross, what to throw away.

That’s how I found this brown box with my old letters. L was one of my best friends and a diligent penpal. Last time I saw her must be 20 years ago. Since that she hasn’t picked up the phone.

Nor did I.

I don’t have her phone number in my phone book.

I read some of her letters. It brings back the feeling of friendship. Suddenly I find a phone number.

I call.

At first she doesn’t recognize my voice.

Maybe it is not her. A mistake. A mistake to call her after all these years.

Then she remembered. Which is quite an achievement after an operation in which her brain tumor, occupying a third of her brain, was removed.

She was not well. Yet she remembered.

She used to be a brilliant lawyer who won many tough battles without being tough at all. She fought with her golden heart for poor clients against a huge international company.

She won. She won with her golden heart.

But lost a third of her brain.

She was not well at all.

She needed support. That’s exactly what friends are for.

We have not met for 20 years. But we were friends. This is something you feel.

We were friends, and she needed support.

At that moment I promised to come and support her where she lives.

In Germany.

That was three months ago. Now we have been purified. We are ready for our new outdoor life. Yet I have a promise to keep.

I keep my promise. We are in Germany. We are on our way to L.


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