Welcome wonderful life

Bye bye boring life indoors. Welcome wonderful life outdoors with fresh air and sun!

  It is late afternoon. We have been driving for hours throughout Denmark and reached a town in the north of Germany. Lots of trees, lawn and small houses are on sight as we follow the gps out of town centre towards our one night rental room somewhere on the outskirts of the town. Many nice houses.

  This is the moment one wishes this ride with top speed near zero to end.

  Every bone is tired after the nonstop hours in the car. No grandiose wishes. Just to arrive to our destination, take a short walk to get some fresh air and a healthy exercise. Then something hot to eat, a shower and a clean bed.

  Our first wish is fulfilled almost immediately.

  We arrive to a two floored house which walls and windows are on an immediate need of colour. The nearest building is an oil refinery, and it is ongoing, and smelling.

 Have our gps gone bananas?

 No human beings are on sight, just an oil refinery and an old scary house that could be a perfect match for a filming of an Edgar Allan Poe’s horror story.

  Lies the torture chamber in the cellar?

  The middle aged woman that comes out of the house is irresistible. A person one likes and trust on first sight.

  Not only because of her generous heart that seems to care about us. She helps us with the luggage.

  She doesn’t seem to care about a career. She just live.

  She smokes, mainly outdoors.

  With an open door so her cat may come and go anytime.

  The smoke is everywhere. On the carpets in our room upstairs, in the kitchen, in the garden where she sits and chain smokes.

  We place ourselves where the air is least contaminated.

  In the garden with our landlady sharing the same green table with plenty of Santa Claus in various colours and forms.

   This into the night conversation made us forget the smoke from the oil refinery as well as the one from her.

  She has quite a few existential problems, but only one wish: Write about me.



Possible external influence: Just unspoiled human kindness.


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