14 months later is D-day.  Our home is totally empty, and totally clean. I am standing on all four and mop the entry floor so the detergent smell is an undivided part of me.

  I am so grateful. I live. I see.

  By the time I arrived to the hospital I could see, on both eyes. The neurologist have examined me thoroughly without being able to come into any conclusion.

  Yet I was able, and came into several conclusions.

  I see. I live. I am so grateful.

  We will do what we want. We will find out what we want.

  And do it.

14 months later is our D-day.   

Even inside our gray ordinary car it now smells detergent. But there is no time to take a shower, and there is no shower to take. We have sold not only most of our belongings but also our home.

  We have sold our townhouse with a lovely garden, and we rush to the meeting with the buyer and estate agent to get the money.

  Afterwards it feels unreal. Euphoria in slow motion.

We have solved so many problems by selling our house and stuff.

Yet so many obstacles left.

We smile. Maybe even laugh as we were in love for the very first time. We know what we like to do in life. And we are going to do it. We are going to live our life.

  Bye bye boring 8 to 5 life indoors. Welcome wonderful life outdoors with fresh air, sun and fun!

Potential external influence: Great coffee and bakeries in our favourite coffee shop. Everything tastes special that day.

She: No influence from the estate agent who was bragging about his risky investments in Hong Kong. 


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