Join our paradise!

Due to the myth that North Mallorca should be avoided during the winter because of nasty rain, has Alcudia beach been going through a metamorphosis since the end of October. From seven kilometers of overcrowded beach have a nature reserve emerged. A three star paradise nearly for our exclusive use. Once again we are overwhelmed … Continue reading Join our paradise!

What a life!

We landed on a holiday resort with a seven kilometers long beach with soft white sand. We landed on a perverted mass touristic machine that swallows milliones tourists every year. It is far away from being a peak season. Yet I stumble over nearly naked sunbathing and more or less brilliantly sunburned foreigners as soon … Continue reading What a life!

Fall in love

After resting a week at the very same place we pack our things and drive towards our homeland. Yet the road trip is over. Golden red Autumn leaves take my breath away. But the coldness kills me. We have in mind a trip to a warmer place than Sweden. It is late evening. Our flight … Continue reading Fall in love

We fly away

we vanished away in our gray car. Long away from L.  We travel. Each day is unique.  One day we hike on a mountain with generous forest and lawns and stay on a little guest house with an elderly caring host couple whom you fall in love with on first sight because they care so … Continue reading We fly away